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In an increasingly digital world, Holt Renfrew wants their website and social media channels to become the window into their stores, while still encouraging customers to visit the physical store locations. They aim to improve customer engagement, acquire new, younger customers and increase foot traffic while keeping their company values at the core of everything they do.


How can Holt Renfrew accomplish these goals while leveraging their H Project department and H Project Approved icon program to support their consciously curated assortment strategy?

Student teams will create strategies and tactics within a marketing plan that:

  • Researches the Canadian and International sustainable and socially responsible women’s apparel marketplace.

  • Defines the current competition online and offline.

  • Defines a clear competitive advantage positioning for Holt Renfrew.

  • Recommends a new brand that aligns with Holt Renfrew as a luxury retailer to attract a new target customer and expanding the product offering in the opening luxury price range.

  • Develops and plans a capsule collection of 12-14 styles for the Fall 2021 season, using H Project approved criteria. The capsule collection is a collaboration with a new sustainable brand. H Project criteria is found on the Holt Renfrew website at

  • Arrives at a sales plan of between $90,000-$100,000, initial markup of 62.5%, sell through of 55% for Q3, and a communications budget of 10% of cost purchases.

  • Develops an integrated omni-channel strategy using digital technology to drive engagement and increase foot traffic to stores.

  • Creates a marketing and event plan to engage new customers.

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