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Sustainability is the new frontier in fast fashion; too much clothing winds up in landfills every year, and the environmental cost related to this industry must be addressed. Urban Planet would like to develop a strong sustainability initiative addressing materials selection, manufacturing, post-consumer waste and packaging.  How can Urban Planet adopt better manufacturing practices while engaging more with their customer, successfully converting the initiative into additional sales and customer loyalty?

Student teams will create strategies and tactics within a marketing plan that:

  • Researches the Canadian women’s apparel market with focus on sustainable sourcing, production and selling practices.

  • Defines current competition (online and offline)

  • Defines a clear competitive advantage positioning Urban Planet in the women’s apparel market

  • Develop and plan a capsule collection of 20 customer options (16-20 styles) for women for the Spring 2021 season

  • Includes a channel strategy that identifies variations in the assortment or product attributes

  • Develops a branding strategy for the capsule collection, including packaging elements

  • Develops a digital commerce strategy for the capsule collection

  • Develops a communication strategy to market the capsule collection (both digital and traditional), with focus on a digital marketing strategy

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