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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Seneca. It’s been a hard time for many, but it’s also been a great time to work hard and reflect on what’s important to you, and how we can use our strengths and learnings to create a better world...I encourage you all to keep sustainability top of mind in everything you do going forward.

Alexandra Weston
Divisional Vice President of Brand
& Creative Strategy

Holt Renfrew 
FIELD Partner, 2021

The FIELD Project is an excellent brief for Fashion Business Management students. Team work, creativity, real world feedback and bright ideas all come together to make the collaboration an exciting and rewarding experience.  From start to finish I enjoyed coaching, encouraging the students to think creatively and pragmatically to solve real world challenges.

Maria Meyer
VP, Merchandise
Urban Planet, YM Inc. 
FIELD Partner, 2020

From the start of the project, the Seneca College Leadership team were wonderful partners. They honored their time commitments and requirements, and the students were fabulous! From their eagerness in learning about the Brand to their ideas on sales strategies, their professional presentations and inspiring ideas, it was a gratifying partnership, end to end.

Lora Tisi
FIELD Partner, 2019

I highly recommend like-minded brand stakeholders to consider partnering with the Seneca Field program as I am confident it will prove to be a positive disrupter, capable of elevating the passions and energies of everyone involved.

Robin J. Yates
VP, Nobis Inc.
FIELD Partner, 2018

I left (the FIELD event) inspired and in awe of these amazing students! Their presentations were first class; professional, succinct and articulate. On behalf of all of us at Walmart, thank you for allowing us to be part of this amazing program — it was an honour!

Marlise Wilson
Senior Director Merchandising,
Apparel Kids & Family Basics
Walmart Canada
FIELD Partner, 2017

 Seneca’s 2015/2016 Fashion Business Management students have proven to be an incredibly talented, passionate, and ambitious group of our industry’s future leaders.

Kathy Cheng
Founder & President
Redwood Classics
FIELD Partner, 2016

The students repeatedly presented themselves as keen individuals with focused minds and ambitious intention. It was an impressive and creative experience.

Franco Mirabelli
President & Creative Director
Franco Mirabelli Design Inc.
FIELD Partner, 2015

 Their … innovative ideas, fresh perspectives and collaborative efforts contributed to an overall experience that is unparalleled.

Krista Love

Vice-President, Women’s Wear Sales 

Haggar Canada Co.

FIELD Partner, 2014

I believe that the FIELD program effectively prepares students with an overall knowledge of the industry, focusing on strong work ethic and team building skills, allowing them to forge their ultimate career path. 

Ron Racicot

Director of Marketing and Visual Presentation,

Costa Blanca

FIELD Partner, 2013

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