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Students have applied knowledge from the following subjects to the FIELD project:

Applied Marketing II

This subject gives student teams practice in writing an effective and comprehensive marketing plan for an industry client.  The plan will include a market research, a competitive review, SWOT analysis, and a detailed marketing strategy.

Forecasting and Innovation

This subject brings students to search and evaluate societal changes that affect consumer behaviour and buying trends. Through analytic research, they will forecast and discuss new trends to create new innovative product line concepts aligned with branding/image programs to take advantage of the market changes.

Visual Communications

The subject builds on theory taught in Design Applications - Introduction. Students will develop advanced CAD skills and techniques using the Creative Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop) to develop and design complex apparel items such as knitwear, blazers, pants and outerwear.

Fashion Merchandise Evaluation

This course examines the apparel manufacturing process - how a garment evolves from a sketch to a completed garment.  Particular emphasis is placed on garment construction, sourcing of fabric and trims, and, the various processes within an actual apparel manufacturer,  with the importance and determination of quality as the underlying theme. 

Digital Marketing I & II

These courses are designed to give students an overview and hands-on exposure to a wide variety of digital media tools applicable to large and small organizations. They create and manage social media groups, image-sharing pages, blogs, and basic publishing. Upon completion of the course, students will know the fit factors for various digital /social tools, how to craft suitable messages, and how digital can support an overall Marketing Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communications plan.

FIELD Capstone Project

The course teaches students how to consolidate information from a variety of subjects and sources in order to produce a capstone project called FIELD, Fashion Industry Educational Exchange and Leadership Development.  As team members, they refine their interpersonal skills (team work, communication, leadership, relationship management and conflict resolution) and how to master information and time management, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Fashion Collections

This course explores the global fashion scene influenced by social and industry trends that directly affect the product development of a brand’s collections.  Students will study these influences to develop balanced collections meeting brand’s and target market expectations. Students will revisit trend forecasting and product development concepts to apply them as expected by the fashion industry.

Planning, Buying and Allocation

This course examines category management within the framework of supply chain and apparel merchandise management.  As part of the strategy, students will build a merchandise plan and product assortment strategy for a multichannel retail environment.  They will practice product allocation as part of the overall process.   Finally, students will learn how to collect and analyze data using a spreadsheet computer application.

Digital Commerce

This course examines the business opportunities of e-commerce and how it connects to omnichannel retailing in relation to distribution and communication.  The subject looks at the different platforms available to develop an e-commerce website along with their costs.  The students critique and develop content and discuss the legal consideration in developing a website.

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